SPOTLIGHT: Dr. Jim Sandberg

Dr. Sandberg with his wife Dianne.
One of North America's two newest Team Directors, Dr. Jim Sandberg is a man who finds it easy to be passionate about Synergy WorldWide. This passion, when combined with exemplary focus and confidence, has helped him a great deal and will continue to take him far in his business. From his home outside of Los Angeles, Dr. Sandberg was kind enough to spare some time for an interview, in which we spoke about his current momentum and some of the keys to his success.

About Dr. Jim Sandberg

The first thing you should know about Dr. Sandberg is that he is no stranger to health, fitness, nutrition or supplements. With an undergraduate degree in nutrition and a history of working with organizations including Mr. Olympia and Muscle & Fitness Magazine, this is one doctor who knows the value of quality supplementation.

"I was taking l-arginine before I knew about Synergy, because I've always known about how it stimulates Nitric Oxide. I've always worked with a lot of sports guys. I was always aware of a lot of supplements. But there is just nothing that even comes close to ProArgi-9+. That’s the crazy part. There's not even a drug that comes close to this. With ProArgi-9+, there’s all this crazy stuff that we can heal. But on the sports market, you talk to so many people that work out and will spend hundredd if not thousands of dollars on different supplements, and they’ll do it even if it’s bad for them, even if it’s illegal, just to get a 1% bump, a 1% performance increase. But we can give them so much more than that, something so much better, it’s crazy. That’s why I’m doing this. Because it’s so easy to get fired up about it and no one knows about it. It's just that good."

About his Team Mentality

Dr. Sandberg is happy about his recent rank advancement, but when speaking with him, the noticeable excitement seemed to come when spoke about the success of his fellow Team Members. Perhaps this trait is the real key to his success.

"I've got guys like Bruce Lewandowski, Dr. Glenn Clearie, Dr. Douglas Pfeiffer, some of these guys that have only been involved since April, and now, just a couple weeks ago, they had 150 people at an event! Their volume is just going through the roof, they are having conference calls... these guys are doing some great things."

Attending team events is another part of business building that Dr. Sandberg considers to be crucially important. While conversing about the recent event that he attended in Philadelphia, he said:

"It was a great event. If we are talking about events, the main reason my guys hosted the Pennsylvania event is because, back in April, when they went to the Business Builder Conference in Vegas, a light bulb came on in their heads. Before they were just kind of like 'uh, I dunno. We kind of like the product, but we’ll see about the rest.' But then they experience Vegas and BOOM. They started cranking it. They started kicking [tail]. Then they said 'we want our own Vegas. They gave us education, they gave us motivation, training… we need to do that for our guys. We need to do our own Vegas.' And they did it. They had their Vegas."

Why Dr. Sandberg Attends Synergy Events

At Leadership Academy 2013 in Park City, UT.
"Every time I go I learn. The more you’re involved, the more you dive in and want to learn. You’re going to get better.  Attending events ties you in. It gets you more tied in with who we are, where we are going, what works, what doesn't...  the events are cram courses in what we are doing. 

You do that with anything that’s important, wouldn't you? You go to your kids' parent-teacher conference even though you are working with your kid everyday on his homework. You still  go, even if you hear about the things you've worked on every day, you still want to go hear from the teacher, see how he’s doing, increase the potential success. It’s the same kind of thing. The more involved you are, the more successful you are going to be.

I just heard Marty Holker say something he’s been saying for years, but at this past event I heard it a little differently, and it made me think about things a little bit different. It's good for you. It plugs you into a system that’s been built for you."

Confidence and Consistency

"It's easy to do  this because I’m passionate about it. When you see what our product does, it's pretty easy to get passionate about it. I think the passion and a little bit of working smart makes it pretty darn simple.

It doesn't seem like work. I don’t ever feel like I’m pushing this on anybody, but I talk to a lot of people about it. All that I do is give people the information. I'll talk to five guys today, and if they become distributors or if none of them even become customers, in the big scheme of things it won’t matter because I'm not going to do this for just one day. I’m going to be doing this everyday for the next three, four or five years. If I am consistent I will have success. I am never pushing on anyone, and no one ever feels like I’m pushing on them. But I talk to a lot of people and just ask 'are you interested to know what I've been working with for the past couple of years?'"

The Need for Focus

"What I always try to explain to my team is this: You've got to have Synergy always somewhere in your vision. If it’s in the back of your head, you don’t see it very often, you don’t think about and you don’t do much. If it's off to the side, off to the right, when you look to the right once in a while, you see it, you get a little involved and you get a little success.

If its straight out in front of you, no matter what you do all day long, you see it. All day long I’m involved in Synergy. When I go on my walks in the morning, I mean, I’m not doing work all the time, but I’m always thinking about it. So, on my walks, as I’m walking my dogs, I’m thinking about what I’m going to do, who I am gonna call, strategy, ideas... 'What about this guy?' 'Why don’t I call him?' 'How can I get him motivated?''s always front and center, you know? I think you can use the same analogy for anything. If its important to you, it'll be somewhere right in front of your vision and you’ll always be dealing with it."

Dr. Jim Sandberg, Heading to Cancun with Synergy?

"I do want to go! I want to golf and do a little fishing and hang out with everyone. So, I’ll make sure I get the points."

We hope to see Dr. Sandberg enjoying the beach with the rest of our Top 50 Challenge winners. Synergy is excited about his recent advancement, and we offer him a sincere "congratulations." We are grateful for his time, his wise words, and for the great things he and his team will be accomplishing in the near future.



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