SLMsmart Success Follow Up: Paul Allred

Before and Current.
Notice the same shirt being worn in both photos!
Earlier this year we published a story about a few of our fantastic Synergy corporate employees who had put the SLMsmart Weight Management System to the test. You may remember that Mr. Paul Allred (Web Marketing Manager, I.T. expert, devoted Real Salt Lake fan), at the end of the 90 day challenge, had lost 39 pounds. That remarkable transformation meant a loss of 11.9% of his starting body weight.

That may have been the end of the employee challenge, but it wasn't the end of Paul's determination or ambition. He didn't stop. He hasn't stopped. "The results are addicting," said Paul. "Seeing the fat come off and making progress is really cool. I still had more to lose, so I'm still going."

As of today, just six months after his first days of using SLMsmart, Paul is down 66 pounds total. That is 20.2% of his starting body weight!

"I feel great. My wife and I joke about the fact that I've lost the weight equivalent of my daughter-times-five. I can't believe I used to be carrying that much weight around all the time."

Paul has never doubted the power that the SLMsmart system has to help him achieve these results. "It's so nice to have all the stuff you need to lose weight in one nice little package. That's what the SLMsmart system is for me."

"It really gave me a lot of motivation, especially at the start, which was when [losing weight] was the most difficult. Now, it doesn't even seem that hard anymore, so I can keep going, no problem."

Along with eating Essential Foods and using the products, Paul has found exercise to be incredibly enjoyable. One of Utah's biggest soccer fans (though "biggest" hardly seems like the most accurate word these days), Paul spends time during the week on the field, participating in local soccer leagues and pickup games with friends and coworkers. As he has lost the weight, he's gained endurance, speed and the ability to better enjoy the game.

More importantly, Paul feels healthier and better able to enjoy his family. "My wife is happy for me, and I feel better about the example I'm setting for my daughter. I did 90% of it for my daughter. I had to make some life changes and I didn't want Nora to make the same choices I did when I was younger. So I made them and am now creating some good health values and an overall healthy atmosphere at home."

All of us here at Synergy WorldWide are very excited for Paul and happy for the success he continues to earn. As he and others use SLMsmart to more effectively manage their weight, we wish them all the best as they enjoy the results and the benefits of a healthier lifestyle.



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