7 Questions for Team Director Lee Edwards

After his most recent rank advancement, Lee Edwards has proven to be a Team Member with a fire burning inside of him. This year we've seen him rise up in ranks, retire from a long career of professional plumbing, reach his goal of attending Leadership Academy, add points to his Top 50 Challenge Totals and win prizes along the way. So, as we come close to the end of 2013, we sent Lee an email containing seven important question. Here is his reply:

1. In May you became Team Manager, and now in just five short months you've advanced to the rank of Team Director. What advice would you give to others trying to create the same kind of momentum?

It has been an amazing year. The simplicity of this work is work! You need to go out and sponsor and find a system to help teach, train and retain those you put in. With the quality of product we have, and the support corporate gives,  Synergy Worldwide makes it very easy to bring people in! Also, I've adopted an RI training system and it has really increased my confidence to move forward at this accelerated rate.

2. Back in July you celebrated an exciting retirement, but it doesn't appear that you've adopted a lifestyle of daily-golf and afternoon-naps. What gives?

Ha! Well, I'm not where I want to be yet. I have many aspirations and goals, and so I'm constantly growing and changing to continue on this amazing journey. The other big driving force is the many people I have sponsored that I don't want to let down. So, I will continue working for my business and to support theirs! My father didn't raise me to make money then go golf it away I guess!

3. You recently won another Kindle Fire in the monthly Top 50 Challenge. You’re also currently in the top 10 for total-yearly points. In May, you told us the secret to racking up these points was a heavy focus on sponsoring new Team Members. Is that still your strategy? 

As I stated earlier, there is no other way to grow your business and be successful without going out and sponsoring yourself. I still have a heavy focus on sponsoring and it actually is fun to show people a better way to get health and wealth!

4. It’s probably a safe bet to say you've earned your spot on the Synergy trip to Cancun. Who is more excited, you or your wife Crystal?

Well, I believe right now I am the most excited to go to Cancun. I'm not sure that it has settled into reality with my wife yet! Have no fear though. I'm sure she will gladly go to Cancun and look for a nice, relaxing few days. I actually have bought my flight tickets because my excitement is so great!

5. Other than Cancun, what are your plans for next year?

Well, we have an amazing Thanksgiving holiday coming up. We have wonderful plans to spend time with our families which is exactly what I'm thankful for. After that we will be of course going down to San Francisco to the BYU bowl game to support my cougars! Then Cancun, and of course Disneyland will fit in during the next year. Then, I am looking forward to qualifying for more trips and contests that Synergy puts on and partying even more!

6. This may be the most important question. What is your “why?” Or in other words, what is the reason you are working so hard to build your Synergy business?

WOW! I love this question because this is the most powerful and moving question that we all need to have an answer to. My WHY, which has grown since retiring, was that I wanted to take my kids to school each day and be with my family more. Now my WHY has continued from there to wanting a brand new Razor ATV 4-seater with many upgrades! Also, to continue forward with vacations and some serious monthly residual income! I would put an amount there but the numbers on my keyboard won't go that high!

7. Any holiday plans to wrap up a successful 2013?

I am very excited to have a holiday season with my family like I've never had before— I will be able to spend the entire holiday with my wife and kids and won't have to go unplug someone's kitchen sink, or fix someone's boiler because its cold. See, Synergy Worldwide has totally changed the quality of my holiday season because I will be able to relax and spend those days without the concern of hearing my phone ring. I won't have to look into my wife's eyes and say "sorry" one more time as I leave to go work. Those days are so gone! I can't wait to celebrate in a way that I have never even been able to consider before!



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