Successes on the Elite Track

The Elite Track is already putting extra cash into the pockets of Team Members throughout North America. January was the first month of the promotion, and many dedicated business builders were quick to realize the benefits.

Remember, the Elite Track promotion is set to reward Team Members all year long. Increase your earnings and double your Fast Start Bonus by taking the Elite Track. To learn more about how to qualify for the Elite Track cash rewards, click here.

We invite everyone to take advantage of these cash rewards. 2013 is already off to an amazing start and we hope this will be the best year in Synergy history. We also extend our congrats to the following Team Members and hope that they continue to achieve great success.

January 2013 Elite Bonus Earners

Jason Porter
Eddie Pula
Mike Thompson
Jason Swift

LAC Marketing Materials
Nathan Yoder
Rising Dawn Inc.
Anita Thompson
Louis Smith

Carla Wink
D. Michael Quigg
Elizabeth Hewitt
Salbaugh Metal Sales
Health & Light Institute
Greg Sandberg
Dr. Robert Pisanu
Dr. David Eade
Manarii Gauthier
Shirley Wencel
Dr. Tim Bogren
Denise & Dan Butcher
Jeannette Wilding
Kathy Browning
Heart Healthy Habits, LLC
Glenn Green



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