Coming in April!

Since 1960, the prevalence of obesity among adults has more than doubled.  Portion sizes have increased significantly. Fast foods, prepackaged meals, and excess sugar are now the norm. For the first time in history our nation is the most over-fed and undernourished in the world. However...

...this uphill battle can be won.

The Solution

On April 19-20, Synergy WorldWide will be introducing a clear, simple, dynamic solution backed by medical professionals and nutrition experts. It’s a solution designed to deliver long term results, and to empower people in their battle against this nationwide epidemic. People can win this battle, they can achieve the results they set their mind to, and, after April 19, they can have the tools they need.

Come be part of this solution! Join us for the launch this April 19-20 in Las Vegas for the 2013 Business Builder Conference.

ALL TEAM MEMBERS WHO REGISTER BEFORE MARCH 15 get a $50 voucher to spend on Synergy Products at the Business Builder Conference.



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