Strive for Success, Enjoy the Journey

With the new year now in full motion it is great to see and feel the excitement throughout our business. I just returned from visiting a few European markets where we have seen some of our most exciting growth as a company.

As I visited these markets and attended kick off meetings for 2013, I could see and more importantly feel the momentum that comes from people who are excited and actively engaged in building their Synergy business. The enthusiasm and genuine optimism for the future is contagious! They have their challenges and obstacles just like the rest of us do, but they choose to focus on what makes us great as a company and what this opportunity can provide those that embrace it. I am very proud of our European market and excited about Synergy's future in that part of the world.

I tell you this because I am beginning to feel this same feeling of optimism and energy here in North America, which has me very excited for 2013. The level of activity and commitment is rising as we unite and focus on all that makes us great as a company. This business can be difficult as you well know, but it can be the most rewarding and enriching experience as we focus on helping others achieve success. This business, like any other worthwhile endeavor, requires hard work, commitment and great sacrifice. You see, this business is not so much about the end result as it is about the journey.

During my recent travels throughout Europe, I spent a lot of time with our first-ever European Presidential Executive, Will Martin. I was reminded of an experience I had with Will at an event here in Utah a few years ago. Two women from Canada, after hearing Will speak about being broke before Synergy came into his life and then reaching financial freedom commented, “Will, you are so lucky, becoming Presidential Executive must be like winning the lottery.” Will, without a moment’s hesitation responded, “No, it’s nothing like winning the lottery. When you win the lottery, you miss the journey. And the journey is the most rewarding part.”

Will taught me a great lesson that day. He is absolutely right. This business is about the journey we all embark on each and every day. It is about the people we come in contact with and build lasting relationships with. I hope that as we ramp up our level of activity and effort in 2013 that we will all remember to enjoy the journey.

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