The Power of Nitric Oxide

- A message from Rainer Boger, M.D. -

Nitric oxide (NO) is one of the smallest molecules in the human body, but like oxygen (O2), it plays an extraordinarily important role for maintaining a healthy life. Nitric oxide keeps arteries wide, so that oxygen can be easily delivered to all the organs where it is needed.

NO is produced, in many different cell types throughout the body, from the amino acid precursor, L-arginine. The conversion of L-arginine to NO makes it a very unique amino acid that is of essential nutritional importance.

The site of NO production determines its biological effects:

  • In the arteries, NO keeps blood flow high and keeps arteries smooth and flexible. 
  • In the gut, NO enhances intestinal function and prevents obstipation. 
  • In the airway system, NO helps keep air flowing freely to the lungs. 
  • In the brain and nervous system, NO decreases pain sensation and contributes to good memory formation.
By enhancing NO production, L-arginine is able to promote all of these effects. Thus, it is no wonder that such a huge diversity of organ functions are positively affected by L-arginine supplementation. Some people may call it a wonder, but I call it the science behind L-arginine.

Indeed, people with all different kinds of health concerns have reported improvements in their health status while on regular L-arginine supplementation.

One true fact needs to be considered, though, when one contemplates about this broad variety of health benefits: None of them can be achieved if L-arginine levels in blood are not successfully elevated above “normal” for 24/7. Only combinations of L-arginine with L-citrulline have the biological potential to achieve this goal, and only ProArgi9+ has been scientifically confirmed to do this.

This product’s success is also explained by some of its additional ingredients that support ProArgi9+’s effects on stimulating NO:

  • Resveratrol, the powerful antioxidant contained in red wine, supports the biological actions of NO on cells by reducing toxic oxygen radicals that may not only destroy the NO molecule, but also cause severe harm to the cell itself. 
  • Vitamin D3 has been known as a vitamin that is good for bone health; however, medical research in the last few years has revealed that it is also an important regulator of glucose and fat metabolism, of blood vessel function and cell growth. 

Thus, the power of ProArgi9+ is in the quality and science coming with its ingredients.

Rainer Boger, M.D.
Medical Advisory Board Member

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