Sam Fisher's Care to Share Story

It was Thanksgiving of 2010 when Gwen Thayer, a long-time friend, introduced Sam to ProArgi-9+. While highlighting the benefits of this newly discovered product, Sam’s interest was piqued at the prospect of it enhancing his workouts.

Since 1985 Sam has made exercise an important part of his life – however, up until recently, his workouts had never reached the level of where they are today.

19 months ago, when he first started taking ProArgi-9+, the immediate benefits were a little different than what he expected. “The first benefits I noticed had nothing to do with my workouts,” says Sam. “I actually noticed that my skin looked healthier, my hair seemed to regain some of its color, and my eyebrows actually got thicker.”

It wasn’t until he was talking to another friend, when he realized it was okay to gradually increase his daily dose of ProArgi-9+. Initially starting out at just one scoop/day, Sam slowly worked up to an average of 4-6 scoops that he takes today. As a result, his experience has been phenomenal.

“My gym workouts have improved dramatically,” says Sam. “My workouts have become harder and more cardio intensive. I am lifting heavier weights, setting new personal lift records almost weekly, doing harder exercises and moving through my workouts at a more cardio intensive pace.”

Back in February 2011 Sam started working out with a trainer. At that time, his body fat percentage was measured at 28%. Today, just 17 months later, his body fat is now just 14%. He’s lost 3 inches off his waist, increased his chest by 3 inches and his arms by 2 inches.

“I know that this product is giving me more stamina and better endurance, but it’s not a light-switch-type product. The benefits are gradual and before you know it, you’ll look back, and realize you wouldn’t be where you are today without ProArgi-9+.”

Sam’s trainer, Bill Hicks, has people asking him how old Sam is all the time, to which he then asks them to guess. Most people assume he’s anywhere from 15-20 years younger than he actually is.

"Sam's incredibly dedicated and as a result, he out-performs most guys in their 20's," says Bill. "In our tire flip workout, Sam can flip a 5' diameter, 350-pound tire, 50 times for 250 feet in 1:51 minutes - which is far more than what people can do that are less than half his age."

“ProArgi-9+ is an incredible product,” says Sam. “I will continue using it as part of my nutritional regimen. I feel incredibly healthy and am probably in the best physical shape I’ve ever been in throughout my life.”

- Sam Fisher Denver, CO

Note: For those of you still trying to guess, Sam recently celebrated his 70th birthday.



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