New Synergy Phone Numbers

The corporate headquarters for Nature’s Sunshine Products, Synergy’s parent company, will be moving from Provo to Lehi, Utah during the month of August.

With this move, Synergy WorldWide will experience a change in its phone numbers. This change will be finalized on August 20, with the new numbers now functional.

Below you will find details of how and when this will go into effect.

Phone Systems

Synergy’s new phone numbers are as follows:

Synergy Main (801) 769-7700
Synergy Customer Service English (801) 769-7800
Synergy Customer Service Spanish (801) 769-7805

As for numbers that dial directly to employees. Previously, all Synergy phone numbers were (801) 431-76xx. The new phone numbers will now be (801) 769-77xx. Everyone will keep the same last two digits of their previous extensions.

Example: Previous phone line was (801) 431-7600. The new phone line will be (801) 769-7700.


Please take note of the following schedule. We encourage you to pass this along to your Team Members and customers who may not receive Synergy’s communications.

July 6
The new phone numbers listed above will be functional starting today, July 6.

August 6
Those calling Synergy’s old phone numbers will no longer be forwarded. They will simply reach a recorded message asking them to hang up and call the correct number.

August 20
The old phone numbers will no longer work. All recorded messages, informing of the change, will no longer exist.

If you have any questions, please contact Customer Service at (801) 769-7800.



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