Care to Share: Brian & Nancy Kerbs

I first started in network marketing as a college student, going door-to-door, selling soap and shoe polish. Since that time, I’ve been involved off and on with countless companies – some for product use and others to earn extra income.

I was very interested in health products, so my husband and I kept looking. We believed in the network marketing business model and had felt confident in the basic skills we had learned over the years that could help us be successful in this industry.

In January 2010, I was ready to put network marketing away for good. My husband was earning good income in construction to where I didn’t need to work. It was then that a good friend left a Dr. Prendergast DVD and some information with my husband. When I saw it, my remark was, “Oh no! Not another one of those”. However, because my interest in health products, I decided to watch the video that night. The research and science behind ProArgi-9+ immediately grabbed my attention. If this product truly enhanced the cardiovascular system the way it said it did, I knew I could help a lot of people.

After a miraculous experience with a close friend and ProArgi-9+, I realized we had found a product that we could get behind and help many of our friends and family with their health. I promptly called my brother, I did not know what to say, but somehow he got excited and we both are now fulfilling a dream to help others with health, just as our mother had done for so many years.

We signed up Jan 13, 2010. We got the product a few days later and we had great results on health concerns that we had. After making a list and feverishly calling and sharing our new, found miracle with others – we soon realized that everyone wanted this product as much as we did.

In January 2010 we achieved the pin level Star. When our upline called us to congratulate us, we had no idea what that even meant! Once understood, we figured that if we could do this, anyone could. At this point our business took flight. In February 2010 we skipped over Bronze and hit Silver. In March we the skipped Gold and hit Team Leader. By this time we were on fire and just kept working and sharing each day. With three days left in May, we saw that we were about $3500 short of Team Manager, so we decided to make a push – and we did it! To our amazement we hit Team Manager in May and qualified for Team Manager Academy scheduled that July. From that point our business took flight and we were able to reach Team Director in October of that same year.

It has been an incredible journey with Synergy. Our testimony of the company and product are bulletproof. We trust in the integrity of this company and its executive management team. Our upline support has been phenomenal and has been a big part of our success. Our mission to Save a Heart a Day has become a reality as we now have many happy, healthier customers and distributors.

We have been blessed that we decided to take one more look at Network Marketing and this product ProArgi- 9+. We have found greater time freedom and better health with Synergy. The rewards have been very gratifying as the testimonies have poured in throughout the last 2+ years. This is a dream come true! Thanks you Synergy. We love you! - Brian & Nancy Kerbs, Arizona



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