Canada ProArgi-9+ Grape is here!

Buy 3 PA9+ Grape Get 1 Free

Synergy WorldWide is excited to announce that Canada Health has now approved the ProArgi-9+ Grape formula!

Limited-Time Canada PA9+ Grape Promotion

This highly anticipated announcement gives great cause for celebration. Starting today, through March 31, Canadians who purchase a 3 pack of ProArgi-9+ Grape will receive an additional ProArgi-9+ Grape canister FREE.

ProArgi-9+ Grape is sweetened with monk fruit - the world's sweetest melon. Monk fruit has been cultivated as a traditional food in Asia for hundreds of years and offers a natural alternative to other sweeteners.

Take advantage of this exciting promotion and be among the first to get this newly Canada Health approved formula. ProArgi-9+ Grape orders will begin shipping on Friday, March 23.

Place your order today by calling Customer Service at (801) 431-7660.

ProArgi-9+ Grape Buy 3 Get 1 Free 
Cost: $120/100 CV
Item Code: SC76551
*Limit 5 promo packs per person

Note: Starting April 1, the ProArgi-9+ Grape 3 pack will be available as an Autoship 100 option for Canada.



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