Promotions Extended

Great news! We have just extended our ProArgi-9 Plus 12-pack pricing and the 300 CV activation requirement for three tracking centers through August 31.

ProArgi-9 Plus 12-pack

We're pleased to continue the special discounted price of $450 for a 12-pack of ProArgi-9 Plus. In addition to the cost savings, this incredible pack, worth 300 CV, satisfies the activation requirements for three tracking centers and will get your newly enrolled Team Members on the road to success!

All product orders can be placed through Synergy Pulse or by calling Customer Service at (801) 431-7660.

3 Tracking Centers

Through Wednesday, August 31, all new North America sign-ups can continue to enroll with three tracking centers by purchasing a qualifying order of 300 CV! In addition, all existing Team Members within their first six months of enrollment in the business can upgrade to three tracking centers with a limited-time qualifying order of 150CV!

To upgrade your account, please contact Customer Service directly at (801) 431-7660 and place an "upgrade order". 150 CV autoship orders will not automatically upgrade your account.



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