Leaving a Legacy in Indonesia

5 Star Legacy Foundation founder and Double Presidential Executive, Mark Comer, recently visited Jakarta, Surabaya, and Makassar, Indonesia to help support local Team Members and take part in humanitarian projects with local orphanages.

The overwhelming success of this trip was as a result of the dedicated involvement of the local Synergy family. Literally thousands were in attendance at local opportunity meetings to learn about the Synergy opportunity and mission to leave a legacy.

Each city provided unique experiences and opportunities to lift and help others. Below are a few pictures and highlights of each location.

Mark was able to visit the Indonesia Synergy office and conduct leadership training with local Team Member leaders. While in Jakarta, they participated in an opportunity meeting where nearly 1000 people were in attendance!

While in Jakarta, Mark and local Synergy Team Members visited the Putra Nusa, a school of orphan children, on behalf of 5 Star Legacy Foundation. Food, money, and musical instruments were donated and received with great appreciation.

In Surabaya leadership trainings and an opportunity meeting with over 700 people in attendance was held. Mark and his band, the Synergy All-Stars, played a rock concert as part of the meeting, which was greatly enjoyed by all present.

They were also able to visit the Mambul Ulum Orphanage, located just outside the city where he had visited last year. Mark was able to visit with his young friend, Fami, a 9 year old child who had just been brought into the orphanage last year after being abandoned on the streets of Surabaya.

While here they built a cinder block fence on one side of the property and delivered drawings and short messages made by children at an elementary school in Utah. The children of the orphanage promised to create pictures to be delivered to the Utah children as pen pals.


This was Mark’s first visit to Makassar and he was amazed at the tremendous interest in Synergy that was there. Just like the previous two cities, they held an opportunity meeting where 1000+ people were in attendance with standing room only.

While in Makassar they were also able to visit an orphanage and a school for the blind, both in very humble circumstances. A donation of cash and basic goods were delivered with many Synergy leaders and Team Members participating and greeting the children.

As a company it’s encouraging and inspiring to see the many acts of kindness and selflessness that are carried out on a daily basis. We feel fortunate to be associated with 5 Star Legacy and we thank them for their noble efforts affecting lives throughout the world.



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