Fast Start Bonus Booster Promotion

Thursday, October 02, 2014

DOUBLE your Fast Start Bonus by sponsoring three new Team Members in a month, from now until the end of December.

As 2014 comes to an end, the time has never been better for recruiting and sponsoring. The Fast Start Bonus has always been an excellent motivator for North American Team Members to share the Synergy Opportunity Advantage with others. Now, Synergy is excited to double that motivation by doubling that cash!

For every three new Team Members that activate with 300 or 500CV packs within the same calendar month, the Elite Qualified sponsor will be awarded a doubled Fast Start Bonus.  It's that simple.

Example 1
  • John sponsors Bill, Bob and Barbara in October.
  • Each of them activate by ordering a 300CV Activation Pack
  • Synergy pays John a $50 bonus for each of those activations... and then DOUBLES it.
  • That's $300 in John's pocket.
Example 2
  • John sponsors Cathy, Chris, Cooper and Connor in November.
  • Each of them activate by ordering a 300CV Activation Pack.
  • Synergy pays John a $50 bonus fo each of the activations... and doubles three of them.
  • Connor, being the fourth activation, still earns John the $50 bonus.
  • That's $350 in John's pocket.
Example 3 
  • John sponsors SIX people in November
  • Four activate with a 500CV pack (each would normally result in a $100 bonus)
  • Two activate with a 300CV pack (each would normally result in a $50 bonus)
  • Synergy DOUBLES the bonus
  • That's $1000 dollars in John's pocket!
To view a webinar in which Synergy Vice President Stewart Rutter explains this promotion, along with the Team Leader Business Booster promotion, click here.

Promotion Details
  • Promotion valid from October 1 through December 31, 2014.
  • Doubled Fast Start Bonuses are limited to five groups of three, or 15 activations per calendar month.
  • The recruiting Team Member earning the Fast Start Bonus must be Elite Qualified to receive the doubled reward, meaning he/she must have an active Autoship template order of at least 150CV monthly.
  • New Team Members must activate with at least 300CV to qualify the sponsor to receive a doubled Fast Start Bonus.
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