SLMsmart Promo Details

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Howard Hannemann, Synergy's Director of Sales, shares his excitement and some SLMsmart Tour Details

TOMORROW NIGHT: Post-BBC Meeting, Pleasant Grove, UT

Join us at Synergy's corporate headquarters tomorrow, April 25, to see what you missed at the Business Builder Conference.
  • Presented by Stewart Rutter, Howard Hannemann and other Synergy leaders.
  • Learn the important, exciting facts behind the new SLMsmart product line.
  • 7 to 9 PM at Synergy HQ.
  • The Synergy Store will be OPEN, and SLMsmart products and merchandise will be available.
FUTURE DATES: Post-BBC City Tour stops across the US
  • Apr 25 - Pleasant Grove, UT, Corp HQ
  • May 1 - Los Angeles, CA
  • May 7 - Boise, ID
  • May 9 - Delta, CO
  • May 15 - Orlando, FL
  • May 16 - The Villages, FL
  • May 22 - Phoenix, AZ
  • May 29 - Chicago, IL
  • May 30 - Imlay City, MI
  • For details, check the Synergy WorldWide Event Calendar
SLMsmart PROMOTION: Details for earning BIG POINTS to get you to Cancun
  •  Earn 2000 Points and get on the track to looking and feeling better than ever.
    • Purchase the SLMsmart Activation Pack ($415/300CV) before April 30
    • Complete the SLMsmart 90 day program, (purchasing the $199 monthly pack in month two, and again in month three).
    • Send a "Before & After" photo to Note that your photos will never be published without your specific permission.
  • Earn an Additional 500 Points for each customer or newly sponsored Team Member that:
    • Completes the SLMsmart 90 day program (purchasing the $199 monthly pack in month two, and again in month three).
    • Sends in their "Before & After" photo to
    • These 500 points can be earned throughout the year! Never stop inviting others to give SLMsmart a try.
  • Points add up to get you prizes, trips, and a sunny Cancun vacation

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  2. The new "SlimSmart" program looks awesome! It is nice to see Synergy put together a complete system for managing your weight... not just another weightloss product....I am looking forward to trying the new program and using the new products!