TOP 25 Activity - Qualifiers Announced!

Congratulations to the following Team Members who have qualified* for this week's Top 25 Activity in Las Vegas, Nevada. This list is comprised of the Cumulative Top 25 through April 15, 2013.

TOP 25 Activity Qualifiers

  1. David Johnston & Tommy Bethards
  2. Steve & Roxanne Seely
  3. Gwen Brown
  4. Joy & Dick Matwyshen
  5. Marty & Heather Holker
  6. Ed Wertz
  7. Mark Comer
  8. Pamela Krajnik
  9. Cynthia Wiggins
  10. Dr. Philip Strevey
  11. Slaubaugh Metal Sales
  12. Denise & Dan Butcher
  13. Melissa Larsen
  14. ESynergy Health System
  15. Brenda & Gary Smestad
  16. Bill Styles
  17. Lor Pace
  18. Xavier & Rosanne Marin
  19. Lee & Crystal Edwards
  20. Wayne Faw
  21. Cliff Rosang
  22. Joshua Swift
  23. Dan Hammer
  24. Karen & Ed Wolfe
  25. Eric Hutchings
Featuring an award-winning dinner and tickets to the newest Cirque De Soleil show, this activity is valued at well over $400 for each qualified attendee* and their guest. Tickets will be awarded to each qualifier* during the Business Builder Conference. To see each qualifiers YTD point totals, along with the rest of the Top 50, click here. 

*The Top 25 Activity is awarded to each Team Member (plus one guest). To attend the Top 25 Activity, the qualified Team Member must be registered for the Business Builder Conference. 



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