Introducing SLMsmart - Slim, Lose, Maintain

Synergy's Biggest Product Launch since ProArgi-9+

SLMsmart is a revolutionary weight management solution that was launched just last night in front of an amazing Las Vegas crowd.

Featuring ProArgi-9+ and  four brand new, top-quality products designed to help you slim, lose and maintain, the SLMsmart line will amplify your ability to stay healthy and build a successful business.

Visit to learn all about the new SLMsmart System.


  • Real weight loss results that can be achieved and maintained.
  • Explosive opportunity, as over 77% of Americans are actively trying to lose weight or fight weight gain.*
  • Improved lifestyle resulting from a healthier system of eating and powerful, nutritious tools.
  • Simplicity, purity, potency and nutrition.

Click here to order SLMsmart today, or call Customer Service at 801-769-7800

SLMsmart Launch PromotionThis Month Only

From now until April 30th, Team Members who order the SLMsmart Activation pack ($415/300 CV) and complete the 90 day system will be given 2000 points to add to their Top 50 Challenge totals, bringing them one huge step closer to sunny Cancun! See Top 50 Challenge details.

The 90 Day System

Month 1: Order Enjoy the SLMsmart Activation Pack, featuring Body Cleanse, Calorie Burner, Crave Control, 3 containers of Health Shake and 4 boxes of ProArgi-9+.

Month 2 & 3: Continue losing weight and feeling healthy by using SLMsmart, ordering a SLMsmart Pack each month (consisting of one Body Cleanse, Calorie Burner, Crave Control, two containers of Health Shake, and one box of ProArgi-9+). Using SLMsmart, you’ll have the ability to lose up to 10% of your body weight in 90 days. Take a “before” and “after” picture and send it to You will enjoy fantastic results, and the opportunity to share your transformation secrets with the many friends and family members that notice your improvement.

Click here to order SLMsmart, or call Customer Service at 801-769-7800

More information about the SLMsmart products and system will be featured on this blog soon enough, but until then, feel free to check out for more information.

*Source: International Food Information Council Foundation, 2012 Food & Health Survey



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