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Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Great news! Synergy has added a new "Recordings" tab to the blog.

Moving forward, all cardio calls, corporate update calls and webinars will be posted for all to access.

Whether you're looking to share the information with a friend, had a conflicting activity the night of the call, or simply wanting to review the information, you can now easily access that information with a simple click!

Miss the exciting announcement about the new Title Plus Bonus? Just go to the recordings tab, locate the Title Plus Bonus link under the Webinars section, and view it on your own schedule.

Click here go to the Recordings tab now, or just click on the Recordings tab at the top of the page.

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  1. What a great opportunity! Thank you so very much!
    Ken & Lynette Gomez

  2. Great “positive” feature.
    Thanks alot Synergy Worldwide, now if we miss any webinar or call event on the eastern side of North America, we have access to it.
    Cheers, Healthy Canadian

  3. Great for newbies like me @