Care to Share: Ben Magalei, Vice President

"I have been part of the Synergy family for six years and can say that I love this company and its products. I have been blessed to witness countless lives that have been changed because of our unparalleled opportunity. I love Synergy because it has allowed me to fulfill a promise that I had made to my mother.

Wherever you see Synergy, you will also see Leave a Legacy. This is our philosophy and our soul. When our founder, Dan Higginson, told me that his dream was to allow ALL those that join the Synergy family to leave their legacy and to bless lives, he opened a door for me to realize a dream that my mother had for me.

My Mom is half Japanese and half “a lot of other nationalities”, including Polynesian. She was adopted as a baby by a Samoan family that loved her and raised her in the Polynesian culture. My siblings and I were raised Polynesian, my father being Samoan and my mother being raised as a Samoan. However, my mother never forgot her Japanese roots and kept a very sacred respect and love for Japan and the Japanese people.

Starting at a young age, my mother would always tell me, “Son, you remember that you are also Japanese. One day you will do great things in Japan.” This later became a promise that I made to her, although I did not understand it at the time.

In my life, I have had multiple opportunities to live in Japan and to serve the Japanese people. However, these past six years with Synergy has allowed me to really understand what my mother meant when she said, “One day you will do great things in Japan.” It has been an honor to partner with wonderful people that have the same soul, not only to share health and wealth, but to also leave the world a better place. With Synergy WorldWide, we are doing this throughout the world. It gives me great pride to belong to the Synergy family."

- Ben Magalei, Japan



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