2012 Title Plus Bonus Promotion

Synergy announces the Title Plus Bonus, an exciting promotion that allows North America Team Members to earn extra money for building their Synergy business.
Starting April 1 thru December 31, 2012 Team Members who earn these titles for the first time, and maintain them for consecutive months can earn up to $21,750! Let’s explain how this works.


The Title Plus Bonus breaks down to two bonuses, the Title Bonus and Plus Bonus. Through the Title Bonus, Team Members are able to earn a total of $14,500. Starting with Team Leader through Team Director, by earning these titles for the first time and maintaining them for consecutive months you earn the following bonus amounts:

* If you earn Team Leader for three consecutive months, or Team Manager/Team Director for four consecutive months, you will receive a matching Title Bonus for that final month.

** Must be autoship qualified during the promotion to earn a Title Plus bonus.


Through the Plus Bonus you have the potential of earning an additional $7,250, or 50% of any Title Bonus by simply helping two Autoship qualified, personally sponsored Team Members (one on each leg) earn a title within two titles below your Title Bonus paid as title.

It really is simple. Let’s illustrate how Title Plus works with an example:

Example 1: In April you rank advance to Team Leader. Congratulations, you qualify to earn your first $500 Title Bonus. Also, in April you have one personally sponsored Silver on your left leg and one personally sponsored Silver on your right leg (Silver is within two titles below Team Leader). You qualify for a $250 Plus Bonus. This equals $750 in total Title and Plus bonuses in April!

ROADMAP TO $21,750

In 2012, Synergy WorldWide wants to help you make this happen. Take a look at the table below for a month-by-month guide to help you earn every penny of the Title Plus Bonus.

*In June and September, the table above shows two separate Plus Bonus Amounts in each month’s designated cell. To earn both Plus Bonus amounts, you must have two personally sponsored; Autoship qualified Team Members on each leg who are within two titles below your highest Title Bonus amount title. For June this would be Gold or above and for September this would be Team Leader or above.

Click here to download the Title Plus flyer

Click here to download the Title Plus PowerPoint



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