Synergy's North America Top 5 Recruiters

Monday, October 24, 2011

Synergy's Accelerator Challenge gives sponsors an opportunity to earn up to $1,375 in additional bonuses for each sponsored Team Member!

The best part is you have UNLIMITED potential to the number of sponsor bonuses you earn!

Congratulations to the following TOP RECRUITERS for the United States and Canada! We encourage each to work together with their new Team Members so both can take FULL advantage of the Accelerator Challenge!

United States - Since September 2011
  1. Practice Wealth, Inc. - Erich Breitenmoser 
  2. Healthstyle Systems - Xavier Marin
  3. Excellent Freedom, LLC - Lillian Vergin
  4. Edwin Kerner
  5. Mary Ehlinger
Canada - since September 2011
  1. Andrzej Bogucki
  2. Sandra Klatt
  3. Lynda Zeller
  4. Dorothy Hannah
  5. PDR Group - Robert Groves

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