Welcome Synergy Finland!

Synergy WorldWide would like to congratulate Finland on becoming the newest market to join our Synergy family. On October 8, 2011, nearly 1000 people gathered in Helsinki, Finland to celebrate the opening of this explosive new market.

Special congratulations went out to Eric & Kati Gammals and Miimu Jaatinen for achieving the rank of Team Elite. Synergy has no doubt that Eric, Kati, and Miimu will continue to be great leaders as they strive to meet their advancement goals.

It was a pleasure to hear from top leaders including Dane Iorg, Presidential Executive; Mads Østvang, Diamond Executive; and Corrine Brandi, Pearl Executive, as they shared their personal experiences on how Synergy WorldWide has changed their lives forever. All were edified by their words and inspired by their messages.

In addition, attendees listened as Dan Norman, President; Stewart Rutter, Vice President; and Bengt Emanuelsson, Europe General Manager, presented Synergy WorldWide and the incredible opportunities that lie ahead.

Synergy also explained other key facets that set the company above the rest:
  • The depth of Synergy’s quality assurance procedures
  • The new Medical Advisory Board that was announced at the Summit
  • Unrivaled product science that leads to the development of the world’s best products
  • Synergy’s team-oriented compensation plan and unique business opportunity.
Most importantly, Synergy recognized the incredible leaders who have made Finland’s amazing success possible. Everyone from Star to Team Elite was recognized onstage to celebrate their achievements and to be recognized for the key role each Team Member plays in making the market succeed.

2011 is on track to becoming a record-breaking year for Synergy WorldWide, and Finland is a great part of that success. Take advantage of this opportunity to spread the word and show how Synergy products can benefit the lives of those around you!



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