New MySynergy online recruiting system launches next week

If you were in Las Vegas, you got a sneak peek of the new MySynergy online recruiting system. Synergy is excited to announce that this system will be available to everyone in the U.S. and Canada beginning next week!

The new system includes web-based tools to manage your contacts, two customizable websites for you to use, and a fantastic product sampling system so your customers can try the products before buying them.

Recruiting Tools and Customizable Websites
The new MySynergy system offers you powerful online tools to help build your business and keep track of your most promising prospects and customers:

  • Presentation builder with videos, product information, images, and more
  • Easy-to-use invitation tools, including pre-written scripts and emails
  • Instant notifications via text or email when someone visits your site
  • Robust contact manager to help track how often people have come to your site, what they’ve viewed, when you last spoke with them, etc.
  • One-click social media sharing for posting information on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn
  • Email campaign manager for sending pre-written, timed email campaign to contacts
  • iPhone and iPad apps to help you manage your contacts on-the-go

The website portion of the system is video-based and very interactive. The sites include product information, testimonials, company and compensation details, and more. And best of all, they are completely customizable—you choose what does and does not appear on your sites!

You will be able to use two different sites at the same time:

  • – includes all products, compensation plan information, company details, and more
  • – focuses exclusively on ProArgi-9+, nitric oxide, l-arginine, and the benefits of ProArgi-9+

Product Sampling Program
The new MySynergy system also allows you to send samples to customers and prospects, and you can even allow visitors to request samples directly from your website.

There are two sample options to choose from:

  • Two single serve packets of ProArgi-9+ Mixed Berry
  • Two single serve packets of ProArgi-9+ Mixed Berry and one 2-ounce packet of Soul

Synergy will send out the samples for you using your return address and will include a personalized letter and product information in each sample package.

Pricing and further details on the sampling program will be available next week when the new system launches.

What happens to your current MySynergy website addresses?
Until now, you’ve had the option of creating up to three MySynergy website addresses—a V3 site, a ProArgi-9+ site, and a Wellness site.

With the new system, your existing V3 and ProArgi-9+ website addresses will automatically transfer to the new system, with your V3 address becoming your primary MySynergy address. (Unfortunately, the Wellness addresses will no longer work once the new system is launched.)

So if your current V3 website address is, you’ll now be able to send people to two separate websites:


Your existing ProArgi-9+ site address will automatically redirect to the new website address.

Try it for 30 days for just $1
The new MySynergy online recruiting system launches next week, and as an extra incentive to try it out, Synergy is giving you full access for 30 days for just $1!

The regular pricing for the new MySynergy online recruiting system will be $19.95 per month. You can also save by signing up for one year for $199.95—a savings of $39.45, the equivalent of getting two months free!

There will also be a free version of the websites offered to all Synergy Team Members, but the free version will not include the sample program, contact manager, presentation builder, email campaigns, instant notifications, or other tools.

Training Webinars
Synergy will be conducting several webinars during the month of October to train on the new MySynergy online recruiting system. Watch your emails and the blog for more notifications and information coming soon.

The new MySynergy online recruiting system will be an incredible tool to help you create an enhanced online presence for your business and easily follow up with prospects and customers.

You’ll receive another email next week when the system is ready to launch, so stay tuned!



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