33% Discount Throughout March

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Throughout the month of March you can purchase a 10-pack of Quality Assurance booklets for $9.95 – a 33% discount!
Upon checkout, simply type in ‘quality’ in the Promotion Code section, click Update and the discount will be applied!

This remarkable tool will give your friends, family members, and potential business partners a true understanding of what “quality” should mean within this industry.

Synergy WorldWide believes that natural supplement makers should be focused on just one thing: YOUR HEALTH.

As the natural supplement industry becomes more mainstream and the market is flooded with companies looking to capitalize on “the next big thing,” creating quality products that produce real results has taken a backseat for some. But not at Synergy WorldWide.

Synergy’s Quality Assurance booklet details the incredible lengths to which Synergy goes to ensure that our products provide you with the most outstanding results possible. From our ingredients and testing procedures, to our facilities and research development staff, Synergy takes every effort to ensure your health and satisfaction.

Buy your 10-pack today and show others why our quality is second to none.

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Synergy WorldWide

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