Roxanne Seely - Speaks from the heart

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

We were able to catch this casual conversation on camera as we spoke to Roxanne Seely about her perspective on the Synergy business. The perspective that she and her husband have on sharing the product and business opportunity is what has led to their tremendous success.

We're fortunate to have Team Members, such as Roxanne and Steve Seely, who are passionate about the product and feel this sense of responsibility to share it with everyone around them. Roxanne - we appreciate your inspiring words and thank you for allowing us to share this video with everyone.

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  1. and it is that attitude and commitment that makes it such a pleasure to work with Roxanne and Steve Seely! They live and breathe the mission of "saving one heart a day" so the business is about helping people, the money always follows.

  2. I am honored to know the heart of this woman. I am honored to call her my friend. I am honored to have spent so many hours with her and with her husband. I am honored that this business opportunity goes beyond "the business" touching hearts together with Roxanne and Steve has been not only an honor...but a kick in the pants! Roxanne, you just radiate. You are beautiful--inside and out. And just so you know, I've changed my mind. When I grow up, I want to be JUST LIKE YOU--NOT just like STEVE! Rene'e Creasey (P.S. Can I wear that beautiful lime green sweater to the next Open House? I love you!)

  3. Very Nice Roxanne. You spoke very honoring words to many people especially your darling husband. Has he heard this? Have a great holiday season.....