New Titles Achieved

November and December are typically the slowest months in the industry. As people prepare for the holidays and take part in gatherings with friends and family, working the business is frequently put on a temporary hold. However, as we all know, Team Members at Synergy WorldWide are different from the average network marketer.

November proved to be yet another incredible month in the history of the company as rank advancements soared! Join us in congratulating the following Team Members for there continued dedication and commitment to their Synergy business.

Dane Iorg - Emerald Executive

Dane Iorg is no stranger to success. His career in Major League Baseball was evidence that hard work, dedication, and persistence can turn an ordinary road into a pathway full of achievements. During his 10-year career, he was known for his clutch hitting, excellent teamwork, and extraordinary hustle. Today, through applying that same work ethic, Dane has achieved the title of Emerald Executive with Synergy WorldWide.

Dane strongly believes in maintaining a positive outlook and recognizes this as a major component to his success throughout life. “There are a lot of naysayers and negativity out there,” he says. “Many people didn’t think I could ever make it as a baseball player. ‘You can’t hit the curve ball,’ they’d say. Well, I just ignored the negative comments and went to work. No matter what your goals are, you just have to shut your eyes and ears and have the attitude that you’re not going to give up and that you’re going to succeed, no matter what.” Read more

Bart Woodcook - Pearl Executive

As an experienced network marketer, Bart Woodcook can tell people first-hand how incredible the Synergy WorldWide opportunity really is. Since joining Synergy in 2006, Bart has used his unmatched work ethic and glowingly positive attitude to build a rapidly growing global business.

As a former custom closet builder and home remodeler from the Seattle area, Bart has an appreciation for the freedom and flexibility offered by his Synergy WorldWide business. He now travels the world—he’s been back and forth to Europe more than 30 times over the last five years—to support his growing group. Read more

Roxanne Seely - Pearl Executive

The night Roxanne Seely’s husband, Steve, came home and presented her with yet another network marketing opportunity marked the beginning of an unexpected responsibility that would bring renewed hope to her and thousands of undiscovered friends.

At the time, Roxanne was perfectly happy juggling her roles of wife, mother, and grandmother. Her involvement as a Synergy Team Member started out as a demonstration of support for her husband, but little by little her vision of Synergy WorldWide expanded. “It took me two years to finally come around and see what the business was all about,” she says. “As I have come to understand the products and the business more, it has been a true joy. It isn’t hard work at all because I love it!” Read more

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