'Tis the Season

The month of December brings with it a feeling of gratitude that resonates throughout the world. As we take a step back and look at the many things we’re fortunate to have, we not only experience a heightened sense of appreciation but often an increased sense of awareness for those less fortunate.

As a company, we’re privileged to be in communication with so many of our Team Members. This gives us a unique advantage to hear about the many acts of charity and kindness that go on throughout the world. These small acts, however insignificant they may seem to some, have impacted the lives of individuals and families far beyond what the eyes can see.

One of the many accounts we've heard is that of Jim and Rene'e Creasey, Team Members from Colorado, who recently pledged to match dollar for dollar up to the first $2000 received from their group. These donations will be sent directly to 5 Star Legacy Foundation, who then utilizes 100% of each donated dollar to improve the lives of children and families throughout the world. These funds will provide educational opportunities for children and families to help break the vicious trends of poverty. We commend Jim and Rene’e for their inspiring example to do what they can to leave their own legacy during this special time of year.

This is only one of many accounts that we've been privileged to hear about and we'd like to thank each of you for your dignity, honesty, and integrity. It's an honor to have you represent Synergy WorldWide.

As we celebrate this special time of year, we invite you, within your own means, to reach out and lift those around you so we can all feel the joy this season brings. In doing so, lives will be enriched, hearts will be touched, and legacies will be built.

Thanks for all you do!

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