Trulūm Youth Serum discontinued

Since its debut in 2017, the Trulūm skin care line has been helping people to "discover true luminance" and support their skin health. At this time however, Synergy has taken steps to discontinue the distribution and manufacture of one of the seven Trulūm products: Youth Serum will no longer be available for purchase in North America, consolidating the Trulūm line in alignment with product demand.  

Youth Serum, one of the three serums in the Trulūm line, helped to fortify the skin by strengthening the natural barrier against pollutants. This benefit is shared with Trulūm Intrinsic Complex and Moisturizer. These two products remain available and popular, not only for their ability to fortify the skin, but also for aiding in the display of even skin tone, and promoting a radiant, healthy appearance. 

A consolidated new Trulūm Pack has been created to reflect this adjustment. Now containing the select six Trulūm products, our new Trulūm pack continues to purify and fortify, ensuring glowing results and enhanced protection. This pack is available at a lower price, reflecting the removal of Youth Serum.

Our product development experts continue to seek new opportunities within the field of superior skincare solutions. Synergy will continue to research, innovate and provide skin care products that encompass our vision of Elite Health and generate results.

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