Biome Shake Temporary Label Update

Synergy’s Quality Assurance standards include the rigorous testing of every product we manufacture and distribute. This ensures valid, accurate labeling, as well as purity, potency and safety. 

While testing our latest manufactured lot of Biome Shake, we found an increase in potassium and selenium amounts. As such, this batch of Biome Shake will come labeled with an updated nutrition fact panel to ensure the accurate representation of ingredient measures within the product. 

This increased amount of potassium and selenium will have little effect on the potency, taste, and benefit profile of Biome Shake. Many consumers will likely not notice any difference. Simply, the updated label is to ensure our Team Members and Customers are aware of the slight change to this particular batch of Biome Shake should they be following a diet program that restricts consumption of these minerals.
The inadvertent increase in potassium and selenium is expected to be temporary, and going forward, Synergy will be analyzing Biome Shake’s ingredient profile in order to solve this change. Stay tuned to this blog for updates.


Standard Formula Amounts/serving

Current, Temporary Amounts/serving


150 mg

336 mg


24.5 mcg

56 mcg



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