Workout from Home with Synergy Friends

Join the fun! Every morning this week, a series of exciting virtual fitness classes will be hosted for you and your friends, featuring super Synergy fitness coach Chrissy Rigby. 
These free, daily workouts offer a full-body exercise routine that you can do comfortably from your home. No equipment will be required, except a computer or smartphone. Simply join the class online via Zoom, at 9 a.m. (MST) and enjoy moving your body!

Chrissy Rigby, the talented International Les Mills fitness instructor, will be guiding you LIVE from Scotland each morning. With more than 13 years of experience, Chrissy is the perfect instructor to help you exercise at home as we practice social distance and keep each other safe.

These classes are generously designed specifically for Synergy friends and Team Members! No matter where you are, or what your fitness status may be, you'll be shown ways to challenge yourself just enough to feel better, stronger, and healthier!

Dates: Tuesday, April 14thFriday, April 17th
Time: 9 a.m. (MST)
Link to Join:
Meeting ID: 768 707 5074

NOTE: The course link above will not change all week. In the event of a schedule change, we will announce it on the blog, and in North America's Synergy Facebook group.



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