Happy Earth Day!

Today we’re celebrating Earth Day and recognizing our amazing planet! The Earth provides us with incredible ingredients that enable us to make powerful products and enhance global health. 

Here at Synergy, we’re constantly on the search for the finest herbs and ingredients to use in creating our pure, potent products. For example, Metabolic LDL relies on bergamot oranges gathered from sun-kissed orchards in Italy. Likewise, we use carefully-harvested acai berries from the tall trees of South America, using their rich natural antioxidants to bolster our Mistica formula.

We’re equally passionate about partnering with suppliers who help maintain our high standards for purity and quality. As such, we only use the highest quality herbs from the most reputable growers on a season-to-season basis. This ensures that each ingredient is harvested when it is most potent and packed with vital nutrients. Nothing but excellence will do when it comes to the products you trust from Synergy.

We’re grateful for the amazing gifts that our planet provides us daily. By seeking the purest and most potent ingredients, we can maintain the nutritious integrity of our products. This guarantees that you receive the highest quality supplements that enable you to unlock your full potential and achieve Elite Health. 



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