VIDEOS: Our Commitment to Quality, Purity, & Potency

How does Synergy carry out its mission to provide pure and potent natural products that deliver proven, predictable, and repeatable results? Watch the videos below for an inside look at what sets Synergy apart.

Quality Formulations

We're committed to understanding how supplements work at a molecular level. Our team of scientists and medical doctors create new, safe, and effective Synergy formulations by focusing on a specific wellness concern and then researching the underlying molecular mechanisms. Clinical studies are conducted to verify efficacy and product safety. That's how synergy consistently creates unique products you can't get anywhere else.

Quality Self Manufacturing

In a marketplace where 85% of all products are manufactured by third-party suppliers, Synergy proudly produces our products ourselves so we know they're made right. We maintain nutrient integrity by keeping tight control of every ingredient from the moment we bring it into our facility. We conduct thorough analysis to ensure ingredients (and finished products) are free of heavy metals, pesticides, dirt, and other fillers that could potentially contaminate natural products.

Test Method Excellence

Over a dozen of the testing methods created by our in-house laboratory staff have been presented at national scientific conferences, and featured in leading peer-reviewed journals. Our innovative team of scientists, medical doctors, and PhDs has also been asked to participate in the creation of testing method validations for the prestigious Association of Official Analytical Chemists.

Finding the Finest Herbs

Synergy will always be committed to searching the world for the finest herbs provided by the most trusted suppliers. Only a select few can measure up to our high standards for purity, quality, and eco-friendly harvesting techniques. We use only the highest quality herbs from the most reputable growers on a season-to-season basis.

At Synergy, we’re fully committed to helping you live the healthiest life possible with innovative, potent, and pure products that produce results. The research and testing carried out in the Hughes Center and our quality in-house manufacturing are what make Synergy second to none.

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