Legacy Retreat 2020 in South Africa!

Next April, enter the kingdom of South Africa for the crowning event of Synergy WorldWide incentive trips: Legacy Retreat 2020. Experience vibrant landscapes, exotic wildlife, and lavish accommodations in an inspiring trip of a lifetime to one of earth’s most captivating lands. This may just be the most exotic Legacy Retreat ever!

While enjoying luxury at the 5-star Palace of the Lost City, qualifiers will embark on adventures that take them deep into Pilanesberg National Park. From safari escapades to exotic animal interactions, South Africa is sure to surprise and enchant.

Commit today to qualifying for the event!


To earn the prestigious Legacy Retreat experience, a Team Member must:
• Achieve a new executive rank for the first time, OR
• Maintain highest executive rank at least 3 months during the qualification period
• Presidential Executives and above must maintain the Presidential Executive rank 3 of 12 months

VIP Airfare

Presidential Executives and above are eligible for air travel upgrades by achieving one of the three qualifications below:
• Maintain Presidential Executive or above rank 6 out of 12 months (Presidential Executive, Double, and Triple need to qualify Presidential Executive for 6 months)
• Achieve new Presidential Executive rank
• Maintain Presidential Executive rank 3 out of 12 months with 1 personally sponsored first-time qualifier

The qualification period is January 1 to December 31, 2019.

Check out last year’s Legacy Retreat:



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