Synergy Celebrates 20 Years

Twenty years ago, Synergy WorldWide was born as a small skincare company attached to a large opportunity for any brave soul who was willing to start spreading the word. What those early Synergy pioneers did not know then was that Synergy would someday become the solution for millions seeking to revitalize their health and Leave a Legacy.

“Leave a Legacy” is Born

Synergy Founder Dan Higginson was involved at a young age with the Stephen R. Covey Leadership Center. He would travel from company to company as a consultant, training on the principles found in Covey’s bestselling book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. At one point, Dan was assigned to work with a number of direct-selling companies, each of which he initially approached with much skepticism. However, it wasn’t long before he came to realize that direct-selling companies were not bad at all— In fact, a direct-selling company could be great, on one condition: that great people would become involved.

Dan wanted to start a business that would attract and reward great people. By his definition, great people were the kind who desire to help others. The kind of people who would motivate themselves and others to make a difference in the world. The go-getters, the change-makers, and trend-setters. Yes, Synergy would be built for those kinds of people, by those kinds of people.

Enterprising men and women joined Dan and others hoping to make an impact on anyone who crossed their path. They shared an alternative means of earning income, and great products to enjoy along the way. They began making an impact, and thought to the future as they acted. “Leave a Legacy” became the fitting, heartfelt motto for Synergy WorldWide.

Early Roots in Synergy Japan

To guarantee that Synergy would build a strong worldwide presence, the first market of focus was none other than Japan, known at the time as the hardest market in which to achieve direct-sales success. Placing paramount importance on product quality and scientific validation, Japanese consumers would only accept the best. If Synergy could become successful in Japan, it could become successful anywhere. Synergy’s earliest staff and distributors went to work and rolled the dice. The gamble paid off, as Synergy’s presence in Japan quickly became its greatest strength.

Synergy WorldWide Partners with Nature’s Sunshine Products

In 2000, just one year after the company launched, Synergy pioneers were presented with an offer from the reputable industry-giant, Nature’s Sunshine Products. Time and time again, Nature’s Sunshine had proven to be a force for advancing health and wellness using exceptional products and enabling steady growth. Realizing that Synergy had a strong, enviable foundation in Japan fueled by correct business values, Nature’s Sunshine was interested in acquiring the young company and willing to allow Synergy to maintain its brand and business structure. Synergy, of course, would benefit from the acquisition in a myriad of ways. The incredible manufacturing facility, the capable and credible legal resources, the years of industry expertise— all this added fuel to the fire of momentum that the Synergy pioneers had been working to create.

After only a few short months of negotiation, Synergy WorldWide officially became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Nature’s Sunshine Products. Overnight, both companies added tremendous value to each other, and formed the beginning of a long and prosperous partnership.

“Synergy is an incredibly powerful brand with tremendous potential. Our focus on Elite Health is very unique and has the power to transform people’s lives. And we’re just getting started.”
-Terrence Moorehead, Nature’s Sunshine Products CEO

Synergy Today

Over the past 20 years, Synergy has evolved and changed, but its core values remain the same. It has become best known for its heart-healthy product ProArgi-9+, for its philanthropic work around the world, for its latest offering of Elite Health microbiome-focused products, and for its unbeatable compensation plan. Additionally, not many companies can say that each lot of its products, ingredients, and programs are tried and tested, in-house, for quality, purity, and potency, nor can they rely daily on high-tech labs and clinics in which clinical studies are conducted to validate their products.

“Today, Synergy continues to be made great, thanks to the many wonderful people across the world working to make a difference. We look for ways to serve our communities. We look for ways to make our friends and families feel and function better. We share formulas and solutions that provide lasting benefits. We organize retreats and trainings that inspire and reward the brave entrepreneur. We celebrate each other’s achievements. We work to Leave a Legacy.”
-Dan Norman, Synergy WorldWide President

The Synergy product and business advantage is something to be proud of, but the culture of Synergy is what ultimately sets it apart. Synergy is built upon a legacy of honesty, integrity, and diligence. Those who join its ranks understand the importance of those values.

Such values have attracted phenomenal leaders in North America, Asia, and Europe. Currently, Synergy Korea stands tall as its largest market, led by strong, diligent Executive Team Member leaders, most notably Yun Tae Hwang and Han Tae Hwang. This November, Korea will be the proud home of the 20th Anniversary Global Summit, where people from around the world will gather to celebrate Synergy’s past and accelerate into the future.

“In this business, your assets are your people. You can have the greatest products and compensation plan, but if you don’t have great people and leadership, you have nothing.”
-Dan Higginson, Synergy WorldWide Founder

With its strong foundation, and now two decades of experience, and as part of the Nature’s Sunshine family, Synergy WorldWide has a bright future ahead. This year, join Synergy in celebrating 20 years of operation. You are invited to make a difference in the world, and to transform and improve lives along with Synergy’s global staff and distributor force. Look for ways to Leave a Legacy wherever you are, and transform lives around the world with Synergy WorldWide.

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