Meal Replacements Increasing in Demand

Meal replacements are on the rise as people live increasingly busy lives, surrounded by unhealthy food choices. Many seeking to lose weight and/or build muscle turn to high-protein shakes to help them achieve their wellness goals. According to a recent report, the global protein supplements market is expected to increase to $3.59 billion by 2024, as people continue to invest in fitness and become more conscious of their health.

Meeting the demands of this consumer trend, Synergy WorldWide is proud to offer the Biome Shake and SLMsmart Health Shake. Both are delicious meal replacements with 20 and 26 grams of protein, respectively in every serving. But what is it that’s making protein and meal replacements a household necessity?


Human biology is stacked upon proteins. They exist in the outer and inner membranes of every living cell, and make an appearance in:

  • Muscle tissue
  • Bones
  • Red blood cells and plasma
  • Hair and nails

The body needs protein to make enzymes, which do a number of jobs in the body, including digesting food and making new cells. Perhaps one of the most important jobs that proteins have are creating neurotransmitters, which are responsible for sending messages back and forth from nerve cells to other specialized cells, such as muscle cells.

As people are predicted to continue making fitness a priority, consuming protein becomes of increasing importance because it is essential to supporting muscle growth. While Biome Shake and SLMsmart Health Shake were designed by in-house scientists to support weight management programs and microbiome care, many have turned to these shakes for their protein content and nutrients in enjoyable, flavorful, convenient forms.


Time moves quickly these days. With the conveniences of technology, our days are full, and our attention is in higher demand than ever before. No one wants more stress, especially stress in regards to food, proper nutrition, weight control, and microbiome health. That’s why an increasing number of people are reaching for meal replacement shakes, which are nutrient-dense and can help fill the gaps created by an incomplete diet through an easy-to-mix shake. Add in the convenience factor of being able to stash a serving or two in your purse or car, and you have the recipe for a quick, delicious alternative to skipping a meal or overindulging in a less healthy restaurant option.

Whether you’re looking for an easy weight management solution or a convenient way to fill nutritional voids, Synergy’s shakes can show you why meal replacements are skyrocketing in popularity.

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The Hughes Center for Research and Innovation was designed with the goal to combat health mega-trends driven by poor diet and lifestyle choices through natural, nutritionally therapeutic products. Outfitted with state-of-the-art instrumentation, the Hughes Center is the hub of Synergy WorldWide's new product development. Utilizing the center’s advanced technology, Hughes Center scientists verify the identity, purity, and potency of potential product ingredients and work to discover powerful and unique product formulations that support metabolic health through the gut microbiome. If a formulation proves itself in clinical studies, it joins Synergy’s family of Elite Health products.

Our manufacturing facility consists of four quality assurance labs, each of which plays a specific role in ensuring product quality. Our scientists have nearly 600 unique tests at their disposal to determine the quality, purity, and potency of all raw materials and finished products. Both raw materials and finished products undergo up to 10 days of testing.



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