Great Synergy Happenings Around the Globe

Synergy will soon be in its 20th year of operation, and the momentum we are experiencing has never been greater. From humble beginnings, Synergy WorldWide has transformed into a global network of entrepreneurs sharing Elite Health with all. This has been made possible thanks to the great Team Members and leaders we have around the world.

By now, many groups of visitors have had the chance to tour the new Synergy global headquarters. We have seen positive reactions as people realize that we are only steps away from the Hughes Center, for our guests value the scientific integrity of our product offering. We look forward to welcoming more visitors soon.

“I am proud of how far we have come as a company, and for the people who make it all that it is. I am also optimistic about what will come next. With a new office, new records being set in Asia, new leaders emerging in North America, and new energy from our CEO Terrence Moorehead, I see a long and prosperous future ahead.”
–Dan Norman, Synergy WorldWide President


Synergy Korea “Blossom” Summit

In November, another exciting Summit was held in South Korea, Synergy’s largest market. Not only was it a success in terms of attendance (approximately 5,500 energetic attendees), but it was also significant as large numbers of Team Members were presented with significant achievement awards. Most notably, Korea awarded two new Presidential Executives, and two Double-Presidential Executives. Along with these Presidential awards— the top tier of Synergy Achievement— came new Diamond, Emerald, and Pearl Executives achievers as well. Korean Team Members are succeeding!

This event was the first opportunity for Synergy Team Members to meet Terrence Moorehead. It was a chance for them to learn from Lynda Hammons. It was a chance to celebrate the success of 2018, and most importantly, it was a motivational moment that inspired all to grow in 2019 and beyond.

Synergy Europe “Elevate” Summit

Team Members and leaders from across Europe gathered in Torino, Italy in the fall to learn how to elevate their health and their businesses. Several speakers presented on the power of the microbiome the importance of a healthy, properly functioning core. New tools and product education were received well, and the event successfully represented Synergy’s potential in Europe. We look forward to more growth in those markets, and to seeing our Team Members transform lives for the better.

Synergy Japan Enjoys Utah

Synergy Headquarters recently welcomed a group of leaders from Japan to celebrate their business achievements. These qualifying Team Members enjoyed time in Moab, touring Arches National Park, as well as time at our corporate headquarters touring the new building. They experienced the Hughes Center and learned from our scientists. They toured the facility in Spanish Fork, impressed by the important work happening there. It was a great opportunity for Synergy corporate to thank and motivate these special guests.

Synergy Japan Symposium, featuring Lynda Hammons

Continuing her travels around the world, Vice-President of Quality Assurance Lynda Hammons recently presented to a large group in Japan. This group of Team Members and their guests came to be educated on the rigorous process of ensuring Synergy product quality. Our Asian markets continue to grow with a keen focus on the work being done in Spanish Fork by our QA and Manufacturing Teams.



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