Congratulations to David Davidson, Pearl Executive

This year, David Davidson of Orlando, Florida, made the giant leap in his business to achieve the Pearl Executive level of Synergy leadership. We congratulate him for this significant achievement, and thank him for his ongoing efforts to leave a legacy and share Elite Health with the world.

“David is an asset to Synergy, especially in North America. I am happy that he has achieved the Pearl Executive title, and I wish him the best in life, in health, and in business going forward. “
-Dan Norman, Synergy WorldWide President

“David Davidson to me is the epitome of what network marketing is all about. He’s persistent and he never quits, which is why he reached Pearl. David is never down and he’s constantly moving toward his dreams and goals. I’m proud of him achieving Pearl. He’s worked so hard to achieve this milestone. I know his success won’t stop here.”
-Dan Higginson, Synergy WorldWide Founder

“I have known David for many years now. He used to own the largest privately owned car dealership in Florida, so he’s always been in business for himself. I knew he would have great success here at Synergy because his work ethic is off the charts. There are many times during the week that he contacts me at one or two in the morning because he never stops working. I believe we’ll see him achieve Presidential in the very near future. One of the things I admire most about him is that he has amazing relationship with all of his people and he really would do anything for them. It’s been a pleasure working with him on a day-to-day basis. He has only the highest respect from all the leaders and Team Members."
-Bart Woodcook, Diamond Executive

“David is the most unselfish, supportive leader I’ve ever found or ever seen. I have been in this business for almost 20 years, and I’ve never had this level of support before. He’s always there and he’s completely committed to people’s success. Not only has he been instrumental in helping with the team, but he’s been a great friend to me as well. Communication is very important and he’s always just a phone call away. He keeps me focused on my goals and keeps me reminded of the many reasons I came to Synergy. I consider him a very good friend of mine.”
-O'Neil Cattnell, Team Director

“David is not just a great business partner, but he’s also a great friend. He’s very dedicated to his team. I can call him day or night for support. It’s an honor and a privilege to know him and be a part of his team. We will support him and help him to continue to move to the top as he helps his team move to the top as well. I admire his persistence and generosity. He never gives up and he’s a great support and inspiration.”
-Jacinth Waldron, Team Director

“Reaching Pearl Executive is a huge milestone! David, I’m so proud of how hard you have worked to achieve it and the passion with which you run your business. You truly are dedicated to Elite Health, and it shows in how much you care, how hard you work, and your friendship to those around you. Congratulations on your great success!
-Deb Durfey, Director of Sales for North America



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