November 2017 Title Plus Earners

In November, Synergy paid out over $5,500 in Title Plus bonuses. A special congratulations goes out to these individuals who earned a bonus this month!

Keep working hard in order to earn matching bonuses by maintaining all new titles for 3 months! For more information about the Title Plus Enhanced promotion, click here.

Team Director
Earlwaine Cumberbatch

Team Manager
Peter Randolph Elcock
Winston Cumberbatch

Team Leader
Alexus Liljenquist 2x Achieved
Sandra Dorlema Brereton
Julita F. Greaves-Cumberbatch
Paulette Yvonne Millar

Sandra Dorlema Brereton
Julita F. Greaves-Cumberbatch
Richard Carl
Paulette Yvonne Millar

Saesha Mcallister 2x Achieved
Paulette Yvonne Millar 2x Achieved
Julita F. Greaves-Cumberbatch
Richard Carl
Starrio Elcock
Derek Robinson
Brock Diedeker
Amy Robinson
Cathy-Ann Dowell
Esther Alleyne

Vincent Thomas 3x Achieved: $150 Matching Bonus
Katherine Culton 2x Achieved
Terry Coulton 2x Achieved
Catharine Harvey
Ryan O'Brian
Patrick Martin Tyron Todd
Rosanna Charles-elcock
Angela Deborah Hall
Gwendolyn Millar
Sybil Millar
Cathy-ann Dowell
Taffany D. Mayfield
Esther Alleyne
Yvonne C. Bellamy
Hee Jeong Kim
Marie Claire Placide
Ruth S. Cumberbatch

Patrick Martin Tyron Todd 3x Achieved: $75 Matching Bonus
Maxine S. Thomas 3x Achieved: $75 Matching Bonus
Onile Mcniel 3x Achieved: $75 Matching Bonus
Dr. Lystra M. Richardson 3x Achieved: $75 Matching Bonus
Henderson Neblett 2x Achieved
Mireille Pierre 2x Achieved
Tatsugo Yoda 2x Achieved
Hee Jeong Kim 2x Achieved
Dr. Jeremy Mckelroy
Body By Design
Melissa M. Dolyniuk
Diana D. Oxley
Charisse Ragoonanan
Ascending Assets LLC
Paula Gill
James Brawthwaite
Ronald Bullen
James Burt
Japohni Gibson
Clemmie Bratcher
Jessy Johnson
Maurice A. Wilson
Sharon Masson
Julie Moreno
Hazel Wilson
Rachael Hall-payne
Esther Alleyne
Yvonne C. Bellamy
Maria Clarke
Joseph Duncan
Kenmore Whittaker
Fabian Clarke
Lorna Dowell
Angela Phillips
Jennifer Williams
Oz Fuentes
Lora J. Babb
Marie Claire Placide
David A. Charles
Ketlie Mondestin
Ruth S. Cumberbatch
Mary Mahajan
Michelle Davila
Marcia Marshall
Ingrid Gumbs-Simmons
Louise Stjuste
Coreen Clark
Cody Mcdaniel
Jocelyn Mills
Dondru Bishop
Anolla Rodney



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