Join the 2018 Synergy Kickoff

Join us January 4 @ 7PM (MST) for a North America Kickoff webinar hosted by Director of Sales Debra Durfey, along with top North American leaders, who will share our exciting plans for a historical 2018!

Featuring: Synergy Founder Dan Higginson, Triple Presidential Executive Mark Comer, Presidential Executive Rudy Pedroza, Presidential Executive Paul Blad, and more.

Join us to learn more about NEW promotions, NEW bonus programs, NEW destination rewards, business building opportunities, as well as how to optimize your Synergy business in 2018!

Date: January 4
Time: 7 PM (MST)
Webinar ID: 888-604-883

“Synergy is ready to invest in your business in 2018. You and your team have much to look forward to this year. Synergy is ready to support you as you grow like never before.” - Deb Durfey

Be sure to check back on this blog for more details on the this digital Kickoff event, and what we have in store for 2018. Let's make next year our biggest step toward a future filled with success!

NOTE: This Kickoff Webinar will take the place of our weekly Opportunity Call so be sure to join us January 4!



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