Seven new executives in Asia!

Synergy Asia is turning heads again, adding seven new executive leaders to their ranks. Asia’s momentum continues to build as they anticipate a number of exciting new developments that will be introduced in the near future. Learn a little bit more about the leaders behind these new executive titles:


Kamphol Preechasirichok, Thailand

Kamphol joined the network marketing industry with the intention of finding success and worked for eight years in various companies without reaching his goals. Then he found Synergy WorldWide.

In January 2012, Kamphol was introduced to Synergy by Triple Presidential Executive Yun Tae Hwang who taught him about the Eagles System, which Kamphol now believes has the power to make dreams come true around the world.

“My time with Synergy has been the best time in my career so far,” Kamphol said. “My life has changed tremendously. Now, I truly understand what it means to achieve something great.”


Koko K.K., Japan

Koko is a Synergy pioneer who started working to build Synergy Japan even before the market’s Grand Opening. Through all of the ups and downs, Koko has put her best foot forward to make Synergy Japan thrive. Since Koko joined Synergy in 2003, she has been consistent in explaining the importance of good health and the quality of Synergy products in detail.

Kouichi Yanaoka, Japan

Kouichi became a Synergy WorldWide executive at age 26. This achievement was made possible by his strong belief in the Leave a Legacy philosophy, which he embodies through organizing charitable events involving thousands of people.

During his school years, Kouichi traveled to dozens of cities in Japan and found that problematic social issues existed in this highly sophisticated nation. He decided to develop the necessary talents to help resolve these issues by studying education and human resource development.

Today, Kouichi holds seminars and meetings full of young people in their 20s and 30s. Attendees idolize Kouichi and often express their desires to be just like him.

Ir Erfiansyah, Indonesia

Before joining Synergy, Erfiansyah was working with another network marketing company for eight years where he built a large team, won awards, and was considered one of the company’s top leaders.

When his business began to falter, Erfiansyah started looking for a new network marketing company that had four important attributes: strength, quality products, a proven business system, and an interesting marketing strategy. He found these attributes in Synergy WorldWide.

“I love network marketing because it gives me a great opportunity to develop my leadership and entrepreneurial skills and helps me focus on self-improvement,” Erfiansyah said. “In this business I meet great, inspiring people from many social and educational backgrounds who share my dreams: financial freedom and a healthy life.”

Arucha Srimaratana, Thailand

Arucha, a 27-year-old Thailand native, joined Synergy in 2014 and has since found that the Eagles System can work for anyone, no matter their age or experience. She is living proof. Despite being relatively young and having little experience in business, she is realizing her dreams through Synergy.

“I am extremely grateful of my meaningful career with Synergy,” Arucha said. “I am thankful to be a part of Eagles System, a system that can change anyone’s business for the better.”

Raised by a hard-working and inspirational mother, Arucha is grateful to be able to give back to the woman who spent her life giving everything she had to her family.

“It’s not about who we think we are, but it’s about what we can achieve and who we can become,” Arucha said. “As long as we still believe, a miracle may be just around the corner.”


In addition to gaining a new Presidential Executive and new Emerald Executive, Synergy Thailand is proud to announce two new Pearl Executives! Congratulations, to U aye and Yan Yee Lint and Tossapol Jangpanichkul for reaching this impressive milestone in your legacies with Synergy WorldWide.



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