SLMsmart Challenge Winners!

North America’s 2016 SLMsmart Challenge came to an end in May and the winners have been selected! Enthusiastic men and women from all over the continent took their health into their own hands and made positive changes by incorporating powerful Synergy products into their health regimens, eating nutritional foods, and following challenging workout plans. And with money and prizes on the line, each contestant committed to a 90-day journey toward a happier, healthier life!

In the end, a panel of judges chose three winners based on total transformation by viewing their before-and-after pictures. The decision was a difficult one, as many inspiring photos were submitted by some incredible individuals. While our applause goes out to all the participants, we would like to especially congratulate the following three challengers for their winning achievements:

1st Place: Eric Poland
Prize: $1,500

Eric of Kentucky lost 40 lbs. (20% of his body weight) and about 7 inches from his waist. What makes Eric's story all the more interesting is that he also competed in last year's SLMsmart Challenge and lost 20 pounds. Unsatisfied with last year's results, knowing that he could do better, Eric made this second effort and gave it his all. We applaud Eric for his efforts and commitment to making a change.

Eric is a former teacher and coach, a devoted husband, a father to two beautiful children (one of whom has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy), and a full-time employee at the world's only Corvette manufacturing plant. Stay tuned to our blog for more of his fantastic story and learn how he overcame obstacles to achieve greater fitness, healthier weight levels, and a smarter outlook on eating and activity.

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2nd Place: Kevin B.
Prize: $500

The California sun shined on Kevin over the past 90-days as he exercised, ate smart, and worked toward his transformation. "What a life changing experience," Kevin said. "Great products, coaching, and workouts." These three aspects led Kevin to lose 34 lbs. (16% of his total body weight)!

Synergy Team Member and Challenge Coach Tommy Bethards said, "Kevin has done something that is pretty hard to do. He cut a lot of fat without losing much strength. In fact, his whole upper body looks more muscular which, to me, just shows that he was dieting the right way.”

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3rd Place: Trevor Pierson

Prize: $250

Trevor doesn’t live far from Synergy HQ in Utah, and upon learning about Synergy’s 90-day Challenge was eager to participate. He hoped to find the success he hadn't found elsewhere. Trevor has sampled a handful of diets throughout his lifetime, finding most to be unrealistic, discouraging, and too drastic for his lifestyle.

Now, using Synergy products, and with the help of SLMsmart Coach Tommy Bethards, Trevor lost 61 lbs. (20% of his starting body weight). He plans to continue progressing toward his ideal weight with the newfound tools and knowledge he discovered through the SLMsmart 90-day Challenge.

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Congratulations, to Eric, Kevin, Trevor, and everyone else who participated in the 90-day Challenge!



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