Elite Honors Spotlight: Dan Schellkopf

New Team Members and Synergy veterans alike continue to latch onto the Elite Honors system and find fulfillment in reaching the milestones that are required to become Elite Honors qualified. An elite few have even become Elite Honors qualified all nine months since the earnings model was introduced.

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DAN SCHELLKOPF of Westerville, Ohio, is a six-time Elite Honors qualifier despite his tight schedule. Dan is the owner of a successful residential and commercial window film business that he has kept alive for 28 years. His work schedule becomes especially busy in Ohio's warm months, making it even more impressive that he became an Elite Honors qualifier in May.

Dan said that before becoming a Synergy Team Member he attended his first-ever Business Builder Conference and sat in the back with his arms folded. He was sure he would not join the company; however, in 2010 he made it official and has stuck with Synergy ever since because of his love for the products and his belief that Synergy has limitless potential.

In contrast to his first BBC experience, Dan attended BBC 2015 in Salt Lake City where Elite Honors was launched and listened eagerly to the parameters of the new business model. He was excited about Synergy launching a simple system that was attainable for everyone and encouraged constant growth.

"As we build toward Elite Honors, we reap the true rewards," Dan said. "I see it as being valuable because pin level recognition is nice, but Elite Honors is something you can qualify for every month. It's a system within a system. Elite Honors allows you to start fresh every month."

Dan is an illustration of leading by example. He shows others that earning a second income is possible despite life's many demands and is Elite Honors is the perfect map to follow.



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