Ready for the 2016 SLMsmart 90-day Challenge?

Only a few days remain until the official start of this year’s SLMsmart 90-day Challenge. Have you ordered your SLMsmart pack? Stocked your fridge and cupboard with nutritious foods? Dug your sneakers out of the back of the closet? As a Challenge participant, these are all things you'll want to do if you intend to take home the $1,500 grand prize for achieving the most remarkable transformation.

If you haven’t already signed up for the 90-day Challenge, there is still time! The Challenge begins Monday, February 1. Make the decision this weekend to join. Click here for more Challenge details.

Whether you have already signed up for the Challenge or plan to sign up, here is a checklist to make sure you’re ready for day one:

1. Submit your starting weight in Step 1 of the sign-up form. You may also want to record any additional measurements you’d like to track for yourself.
2. Submit before photos. You must complete this step to be eligible for a cash prize. Simply send your photos to For tips on taking good before photos, click here and proceed to Step 2.
3. Order the SLMsmart Weight Management Elite Pack in chocolate or vanilla.
4. Join the “SLMsmart 90 Day Challenge 2016” Facebook group. Here, you will receive tips and encouragement from SLMsmart Coach Tommy Bethards and your fellow challengers. You must sign up for the Challenge to be accepted into this closed group.
5. Make yourself accountable by telling all of your friends and family that you are joining a 90-day Challenge so that they can cheer you on to victory.
6. Establish a support group that consists of the SLMsmart Facebook group, Coach Tommy Bethards, friends, and family!
7. Start saying NO to unhealthy foods and beverages that will undermine your goals. Plan your healthy meals and snacks early to take some of the pressure off.
8. Start saying YES to regular exercise. Find great exercise options on the SLMsmart App.
9. Take your first dose of Body Cleanse on day one.
10. Get motivated, get excited and have fun!

We cannot wait to get the Challenge started and watch you better your health and your life. We’re here for you all the way! Let’s do this!



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