Use the Holidays to your Advantage

The Holiday season is upon us, which means parties, gifts and spending quality time with loved ones. Don’t let your Synergy business take a back seat. Instead, use these joyous encounters to highlight the company you represent while strengthening relationships with others. Here are a few creative ways to market your Synergy business while expressing thanks to your loyal Synergy customers.

Send holiday cards 

People love knowing they are in your thoughts this season. Reach out to current customers, potential customers, and potential Team Members, by sending them meaningful holiday cards. It’s a great way to let customers know you appreciate their business and to establish connections with potential Team Members and customers. Be sure to include genuine well wishes that are unique to the recipient.

Share Synergy samples

In addition to sending holiday cards, you may also consider sending Synergy samples. This is a great way to introduce customers to new products they might not have tried yet. You can also give samples as stocking stuffers. Get creative and tie a few samples together with a festive bow or gift them in a small holiday bag.

Host a holiday themed meeting

Get your team in the holiday spirit! Host a holiday themed meeting to get Team Members and customers in the holiday spirit. Give away Synergy product prizes to those who invite the most people to the party. Serve tasty recipes using SLMsmart for a festive Synergy touch.

Donate to charity

In honor of the giving season, invite your team to sign up for a charity fun run or participate in gift-giving drive. By teaming up together, you can embrace the camaraderie your team has spent the year building as well as exemplifying the “Leave a Legacy” principle through your donation or service. The recipients will greatly appreciate your service and new people will discover Synergy and its values.

Give customers something extra

Give a little bit more this season. Order extra Synergy branded merchandise to include as bonus gifts for customers as a thank you for their business. Choose from a wide variety of products including bracelets, pens, flash drives, planners, shaker bottles, and more. Shop the full range of merchandise by clicking here.



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