Beware the Holiday Snack Attack

The holidays are upon us and that means cold weather, family, and endless food and goodies. With all of that tempting food surrounding you, it can be hard to stay on track with healthy eating. Here are a few tips that will help you make it through the holidays without sacrificing your healthy habits or the fun of socializing with family and friends.

Recipe Remix

If you’re baking during the holidays, save yourself some calories with healthy swaps. Instead of oil, use applesauce (ratio 1:1), skip the sugar and add stevia (1:3/4), and ditch regular milk and use almond milk (1:1). Synergy lovers have found that SLMsmart Health Shake is a great substitute for flour in a variety of SLMsmart recipes created by you. While using all of these healthy swaps at once will make your cookies and treats better for you, we recommend trying one swap per recipe, so have fun and start experimenting!

Stay Hydrated

Social schedules packed with holiday parties and fun outings with the family leaves little room to think about your water intake, especially when there is an abundance of sugary hot drinks and cocktails that sound much more appealing. However, most people don’t realize that many food cravings are actually water cravings. By staying properly hydrated, not only will your skin look amazing in holiday photos, you will be able to avoid becoming a victim of the endless desserts that show up on your doorstep. And while you’re pouring yourself a glass of refreshing, much-needed water, add a scoop or packet of ProArgi-9+, or a dose of Liquid Chlorophyll, for even more far-reaching health benefits.

Plan Ahead

If you’re heading to a holiday party and already feeling hungry, try eating a sensible meal before arriving. No time to meal prep? Mix up a SLMsmart Health Shake instead. This shake is the perfect small meal because its three-protein blend keeps you satisfied for hours, and it's loaded with all of the essential nutrients your body craves. This will allow you to pick and choose what treats you really want instead of eating anything and everything in sight because you are desperate to ease your hunger. Also, if you are bringing a dish to share, go for a healthy and filling option that you know fits within your diet goals.


The holiday season is a time that should be spent with loved ones, not fretting over your nutrition goals. Don’t beat yourself up if you eat an extra cookie after dinner or add another helping of potatoes to your plate. Remind yourself of your goals and remember that tomorrow is another day to start again. While this won’t keep the weight off, it will definitely make the holidays more enjoyable while you work toward a healthier New Year.

Happy holidays!



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