Elite Honors Spotlight: Lee Edwards

The second month to qualify for Elite Honors came to an impressive close and dozens of names were added to the Elite Honors Club qualifiers list! A handful of Team Members qualified for the second month in a row. In addition, a number of qualifiers are going even further by maintaining and surpassing their highest pin titles to earn the Go Elite Promotion.

Lee Edwards, a Team Director from Utah, was one of the few Synergy leaders who were introduced to Elite Honors during the program's prelaunch phase in May 2015. As a leader, he was challenged to achieve the Elite Honors title. He not only achieved the title in May, he achieved it again in June and July. In addition to following the Elite Honors principles himself, he is teaching all new distributors and existing distributors in his downline to make a goal every month to become Elite Honors qualified in order to kickstart and grow their own business quickly.

"Elite Honors is easy for me. The program gives me clearly cut, detailed instructions so that I know exactly what I need to do every month. I need at least 650 CV on my TC 1 and at least 200 CV in distributor enrollments. I love this, because I'm a goal-oriented person. I know what I need to do on a monthly basis and I make sure I'm accomplishing what I need to. I just keep chugging along until it's done.

What I really love is that as long as I continue doing this behavior it will continue to pay off. Nothing in this business needs to be sporadic. There is no more guessing how to make money in this business. In my three months with Elite Honors I have no only seen my business grow, I've seen people in my organization learning the correct behaviors and that's even more exciting for me. If getting 500 CV in customer volume feels intimidating, learn to forget yourself and care about others. Using the Elite Health program you will always meet the customer's needs and you'll find that getting 500 CV is easy. You will never be a pushy salesman. You are simply asking how you can improve someone's life.

I love that all the leaders are now teaching the same principles. If someone on my team went to Presidential Executive Dane Iorg and asked him how to build their business, he will going to tell them the same things I have. I really appreciate that unity."

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