Elite Honors Spotlight: Donald Clarke

The second month to qualify for Elite Honors came to an impressive close and dozens of names were added to the Elite Honors Club qualifiers list! A handful of Team Members qualified for the second month in a row. In addition, a number of qualifiers are going even further by maintaining and surpassing their highest pin titles to earn the Go Elite promotion.

Donald Clarke, a Bronze from New York, is a real estate agent that put his career on hold to give all of his time to his Synergy business. At 67 years old, Donald saw Synergy as an opportunity to Leave a Legacy and earn an additional income to supplement his retirement. Dan Hammer introduced Donald to Synergy and ever since their meeting they have both been working diligently to organize the New York team. While in New York, Dan taught the Elite Honors concept to a group of eager distributors who are causing change through Elite Honors with Donald at the helm.

“Once we realized what we possessed with the Elite Honors system we were hell-bent on getting as many people as possible in the New York area to be Elite Honors qualified. If I train others to be Elite Honors qualified it will impact me greatly. I immediately saw the benefits of teaching this system to others. I got to see someone in my organization become Elite Honors qualified twice with a rank advancement. No doubt, Elite Honors is an awesome way to market the business and help others help others. My team is seeing the benefits and I look forward to helping more to become Elite Honors qualified this month, next month, and so on.”



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