Transforming Minds with Healthy Living

With only one week left in the SLMsmart 90-Day Challenge, we’ve surveyed a few of our dedicated participants to see what has changed in their body transformation pursuit. 

From what we’ve gathered so far, one major change is apparent in each participant we’ve talked to. Through the 90-day Challenge, these individuals have learned to reprogram their brains for healthy living. It hasn’t been an easy road for many, but with time and practice, participants have built the mental strength to exercise and make healthy meal choices thanks to SLMsmart coaches Drew and Lynn and the 90-day Challenge smartphone app.

“Beyond seeing a physical change in our participants, I’ve noticed that these people really believe in themselves now,” said SLMsmart Coach Drew Manning. “They have seen success and are so much more positive. While this has been a major learning process for our participants, it has also been an uplifting process. They’ve allowed themselves to love their bodies and what they are capable of.”

Challenge participants are coming out of the experience feeling in control of their health and their lives. Mental and emotional change are perhaps the most important elements of making real and lasting change.

Bill Muth
Sacramento, California

“Before the challenge, if there was a bag a candy I’d be grabbing for it. I don’t care for it now. It only took a couple weeks to get to this point. I’ve found that my meal plan keeps me incredibly full to the point where I don’t think about food. I was overwhelmed at first; it was an emotional roller coaster, but your head clears up and you start understanding what you need to do. Subtly, the discipline I’ve learned in diet and exercise has leaked into other areas of my life. I have the determination to follow through on other goals I’ve set for myself, including goals in my Synergy business.”

Cody Marsh
Buckeye, Arizona

“My personal motto throughout this challenge has been ‘Do it today!’ What I mean by this is don’t let a lack of motivation stop from exercising. There are so many exercises you can do at home without equipment. Improvise! Putting my hiking boots on and carrying gallon jugs of water gets the job done. Drew taught me to constantly re-evaluate where I am in training and to push myself to do new workouts that will keep my heart rate up. I know what I need to do now to keep this going!”

Julie Russon
Pleasant Grove, Utah

“Long-time patterns of stress eating and a negative self image put me through mental torment that resulted in never-ending weight gain. I was committed to free myself of this torment without little thought of what would actually happen. It wasn’t long before I realized that this experience was going to be a life changer if I would give it everything I had. I committed my mind and my body followed. I was frustrated at first, but I slowly realized my clothes feeling differently. Food no longer controls me and my confidence has returned. I’ve realized that no matter who you are, it’s never too late to change.”

These participants now have the tools to continue on this healthy path long after the challenge ends May 1, 2015. Participants are eager to unveil their unbelievable transformations and we can’t wait to see what they’ve accomplished.



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