Executive Message: Fast Start Bonus Booster

"The Fast Start Bonus Booster promotion going on now for Synergy North America is a truly exciting way to earn fast cash while building your business the right way. We feel like this is a very aggressive way for people to get out and sponsor more people than ever before, to show them how to make money quickly, to show them how to earn a residual income quicker than they ever have before with Synergy WorldWide. We feel like the Fast Start Bonus Booster is a terrific incentive for your growth in the 4th quarter of 2014.

Remember, the lifeblood of network marketing is activating and sponsoring new people. We want to bring new people into the business, and that's why we are doubling these bonuses. Get out and talk like you never have before. Get out and share like you never have before. When  you are sponsoring new people, show them, right from the get-go, the example of how they can grow and sponsor people to make money more quickly and more effectively by taking advantage of the bonus booster.

Some of you are going to say "I don't know if I can sponsor someone at 300 CV or 500 CV. Let me tell you how you do it. You go out and show people a financial road map to success. You stop talking about the expense of the product and you start showing them that its an investment in their future to create a residual income that can bring success and economic prosperity to them and their families. Show them how to build their business the right way— by sponsoring people at the 300 CV level. Give them that example. Showing them how to double their Fast Start Bonus.

Showing them that by bringing 20 people to their right and 20 people to their left, they'll already be at Team Leader status, or at 500 CV with twelve on each side they can achieve the same thing. All of a sudden, you are starting to make $1,000 to $2,000 residually at Team Leader or Team Manager levels. That really gets people's attention. It gets them excited about building a business.

Now, we don't want people to stop talking about our amazing products, the highest quality products anywhere in the world. In fact, I just got back from talking to 1,100 people in Europe about how these products can change their lives. We had 70 people participate in our SLMsmart pre-launch challenge whose lives were absolutely changed by these products. But guess what. They are more excited to share the business. Because people can see that, yes, their lives will be changed by these products, but with that comes a great opportunity to build a business with products that work and will keep people interested and engaged long term.

I hope you'll take advantage of this promotion. I hope we pay out tens of thousands of dollars in new fast start bonuses because people are recruiting and sponsoring unlike ever before. I hope you'll go out and tell the Synergy story. That we're a company built on honesty, ethical behavior and sound principles to help people and to afford people the opportunity to leave a legacy."

Stewart Rutter
Vice President, Synergy WorldWide



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