Mark Comer Kicks Off Summer

Summer is upon us, which means we're in for longer days with more sunshine, holidays, events and plenty to be happy about. Many men and women across North America will be spending their summer seeking out R&R. Others will look at the season as the perfect time to accelerate the growth of their business.

Synergy's top earner, Double Presidential Executive Mark Comer, has chosen the latter. Summer sun won't be keeping him seated next to the air conditioner. Instead, Mark has been working to build his business across this market as well as the other side of the globe.

In North America last month, Mark was the number one point earner in the Top 50 Challenge. This means he earned a new iPad by doing the basic business building activities (such as sponsoring new team members and helping members of his team earn their own achievements) that every Team Member is encouraged to do. He earned his Personal Activity Bonus for a second consecutive month, which means that he was busy recruiting both customers and distributors and earned a cash bonus to stack on top of his commission (a cash bonus available to all Team Members across North America).

Coming up on July 11 and 12 , Mark will be training active and prospective Team Members Sioux Falls, South Dakota. There he will share his story and lead people to increase their income. For more information about this event see the Synergy North America Calendar.

On the other side of the world, Mark teamed up earlier this month with fellow Double Presidential Yoon Tae Hwang for a series of successful Synergy meetings. He traveled to Korea, Thailand and Vietnam to work with Team Members and help them better understand the Synergy Advantage. He enjoyed a fantastic welcome from thousands of Team Members and leaders. "I was incredibly grateful for their kindness, inspired by their work ethic, and motivated by their ongoing success," he said. To see photos from his Synergy Asia adventure, click here.

Like many of Synergy's finest Team Members, Mark has been very busy. Summer is here, and with it comes a warm, wonderful window of opportunity. We are confident Mark and others will continue to make the most of this window and find success as a result. We encourage Team Members everywhere to do that same in the upcoming months, and have fun along the way!

Here's to an amazing summer!



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